Aerial Fabrics Our Aerial Fabrics classes are the perfect way to have fun and get fit!

arabesque roll-up

Just imagine... using strength, grace, and flexibility you will be able to "dance on air" with our beautiful flowing fabric draped around you.   Your dance will consist of beautiful poses and shapes as well as exciting drops and slides down the fabric.  As your skills progress you will be able to choreograph your unique routine to music and even put on a performance for your friends & family!  Fabrics classes are also a great workout, and with weekly lessons you'll get into the best shape of your life!

Our fabrics classes are 45 minutes in length with a maximum of 3 people in each class.  Our small class size ensures that you will get intensive, individualized instruction and our instructor will help you establish your own goals for each class.  We encourage all students to arrive at least 15 mins prior to class to prepare and stretch out so that you may get the most out of your hour on the apparatus.

$30 per person

If you have never taken an Aerial Silks class before here are some tips to assure your success and enjoyment.

  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in and that covers the back of your knees. It is important that you wear a shirt that can be tucked in or is tight enough that it will not ride up while hanging upside down. (yoga pants or tights are recommended - NO shorts)
  • Tie long hair back in a braid or bun, loose pony tails may get in the way.
  • NO jewelry or sharp objects (please no zippers!)
  • Bring water! It's important to stay hydrated 🙂

So what are you waiting for?! Spaces are limited!

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Aerial silks is like nothing you have ever tried or seen before. When you watch it performed, it looks effortless, like the fabric and performer are magically stuck together...moving gracefully...dancing on air. When you take your first class you realize how much strength and flexibility it really takes, but oddly, that realization isn't discouraging. It makes you realize just how much potential you have in yourself, how amazing your body is and that you can do something you never thought possible.

-Aimee Whitefal