Static Trapeze Heights make you nervous? Try this!

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Static trapeze is graceful and beautiful.  In Static Trapeze classes, you will learn to dance around an immovable bar.  You will perform poses and rolls which will amaze your friends and family!  We will have you up on the Static Bar in your very first class and after a few more we will begin to choreograph your routine to music.  It is great for both Kids and Adults alike!  You will gain balance, flexibility, and poise while you have the time of your life!  You will also learn about dance choreography and stage presence.  The class atmosphere is fun, positive, and encouraging.  No prior experience is nessecary.

Remember to wear comfortable clothing that you can move in.  Loose fitting shirts and pants may get tangled so we recommend yoga pants, tights or other form fitting bottoms.  A shirt that you can tuck in or that is tight enough not to ride up when you are hanging upside down is important.



$30 per person



If you have never taken an Aerial Statics class before here are some tips to assure your success and enjoyment.

-  Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. It is important that you wear a shirt that can be tucked in or is tight enough that it will not ride up.  (Yoga pants or tights are recommended)
-  Tie long hair back in a braid or bun, loose pony tails may get in the way.
-  No jewelry or sharp objects (please no zippers!)  Rings are okay if you cannot remove them.
-  Bring water or sports drink.


So what are you waiting for?! Spaces are limited!

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.Learning static trapeze has made me stronger, more confident and has taught me how to express myself in ways I never thought possible.

-Sara Keller