Clinics Work with leaders in their field, in your back yard!

At Fearless Flyers Academy we are dedicated to providing unique learning experiences and amazing opportunities to our students. Our Clinics are fantastic ways that our students can meet and learn from some of the best athletes and circus professionals from all over the country right in their back yard.

Upcoming workshops will be announced on this page and in our newsletter.  Members always receive special pricing and advanced notice of all clinics.

FFA is proud to announce our premiere Net Tricks Clinic!

Join us for our first ever net tricks clinic!  This clinic is designed for flyers of all levels.  From someone who just wants to learn how to perform a cradle in the net - to seasoned flyers who want to learn multiple flipping and twisting tricks - we've got you covered!  

Net Awareness is an important yet often neglected part of flying trapeze training.  Mastery will allow you to perform a variety of rebounding tricks such as: cradle, cat twist, porpoise, barani-ballout, corkscrew, rudi ballouts, doubles, and even rebounds into the catcher's trapeze.  These can add style & flair to your flying, as well as keep you safer in the air.  Whether you are a novice or an expert, ALL levels of flyers are welcome to attend.  ALL schools & affiliations are welcome and encouraged to participate.  The only prerequisite is that you've started learning a swing and a bullet-drop dismount.  Out-of-lines flying is NOT a requirement because many net skills can be learnt while wearing a harness.  Training will occur inside our enormous Trampoline Arena on our 12 in-ground Olympic trampolines, and in our beautiful Flying Trapeze gymnasium.  No experience on trampoline is required.  During the clinic, you will progress at your own comfortable rate.  We will cover different topics, and different progressions.  If time allows, bonus topics may include an intro to Tramp WallDouble-MiniKipping, etc.  Come join the fun!
Seminar will be taught by Don Dinh & Penelope Knowles.  Don is the former Technical Chairman for USA Gymnastics in New England.  Penelope was ranked 5th in the U.S. in competitive Trampoline, and she is the former Athlete Representative for USA Gymnastics in New England.  Both instructors have attained the level of Superior judge for USAG, and they have years of experience coaching both flying trapeze & competitive trampoline gymnastics.
- 1 hour lunch break (pack your own lunch, or visit one of the many restaurants in the area)
- Bring a note-book, but no cameras allowed!
- Many hotels in Groton & Mystic CT
- Beautiful 11,000 sq ft indoor training area
- Spotting lines for Trampoline & Trapeze
- Demonstrations & in-depth explanations by instructors & Team
- Pre-registration is required.  Registration closes on November 6.

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