Fearless Kids Program The best in adolescent & youth development!

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New program! Enrollment Dates Coming Soon!

Only $125 per month
Boys & Girls, ages 6 – 12
50% off for Siblings


Coming Fall 2017!

Fearless Flyers Academy uses the mediums of

Acrobatics & Aerial Gymnastics

Sport Athletics

Performance Art

to teach your children important skills that are necessary for mature development such as:

1.  Coordination

2.  Assertiveness & Confidence

3.  Self-Control & Discipline

4.  Courage & Positive Risk Taking

5.  Fitness, Flexibility, Fun

6.  Concentration

7.  Positive Self-Image

8.  Overcoming Negative Peer Pressure

9.  Long Lasting Friendships

10.  Teamwork & Problem Solving


No experience is required, each individual learns at their own rate, in a safe & comfortable atmosphere.  Your children will learn to master the following:  flying trapeze, olympic trampoline, aerial fabrics, lyra, static trapeze, & juggling, as well as other disciplines.

Please arrive 15mins early to your child’s first session to complete the registration packet, sign the waiver and process your monthly payments.   If you would like to process the monthly payments ahead of time, please use the “subscribe” button below.   You will be transferred to paypal to complete your registration.  If you’re having trouble, we can do all of this for you in-person at our front-desk.  

Program FAQs

What happens on school vacation days or snow days? Do you have a summer schedule?
Autumn through spring, “Fearless Kids” follows the Groton Public school calendar and does not meet on days when there is no school, including snow days, vacation weeks, or other holidays. A reminder email will go out on snow days before 12:00pm. During Summer time, the “Fearless Kids” schedule changes slightly and will be announced.

Can I try out Fearless Kids for free before signing up?
Unfortunately no, but you can try a full month of “Fearless Kids” for $125. Alternatively, your child may try any of our other classes since those are all drop-in based.  Sign up online for any drop-in class listed on our online calendar.  If they like any of those classes, they will LOVE the “Fearless Kids” program.

Can I join at any time during the month?
Absolutely! To sign up part way through the month, call or email us to get the pro-rated cost. The first payment must be made in person, and then following months charged through the Paypal autopay system on the 1st of each month. Remember that you can also cancel anytime as well.

My child is under 6 yrs old (or over 12 yrs old), can they still sign up for “Fearless Kids”?
Fearless Kids is only open to ages 6-12, so students younger than 6 will have to wait until after their birthday to sign up. Students who are turning 13 may finish out the semester, and afterwards they may take our Master Class series (which is geared more for Adults & Teenagers), or they can get a class package for our regular classes!

I’m unable to enroll in monthly autopay, can I make my monthly payments in-person?
Yes, but after the first month, we charge an additional $20 processing fee per month to accept payments in person (cash, check, or credit can be paid in-person at the start of each month).  Put another way, enrolling in our monthly autopay saves you $20 a month!  And you can cancel anytime! And we can set it up for you at the front desk.

What if I want to cancel my child’s membership?  
You can cancel anytime, no strings attached!  We do not offer refunds for leaving the program part-way through the month.  Cancellations must be done in person.

Can I come and watch my kids?
Parents & families are welcome to watch from the 2nd floor viewing area above the lobby, but we ask that no spectators enter the gym during this class.

Does my child need to attend every class? What if she/he misses a class?
While we do encourage your child to attend as many classes as possible, it’s really up to you and your schedule. There is no penalty for missing classes. However, you will not get reimbursed for missed classes.

Why should I try the Fearless Kids program?
Long-term and dedicated practice is required to develop permanent skill, especially in children. We have over 10 years of experience developing wonderful student-athletes. With us, your child will begin their journey of becoming a Master Acrobat, and an even better community Role Model.