Fitness Classes Get your workout on in classes designed specifically for Aerialists

Looking to be more flexible?
Are you already super bendy and want more control?
Do you want to learn how to train safely and effectively?

Are you struggling to hold your straddle whip?
Do you want your force-out to be more powerful?
Working on inversions in our Aerial classes?

Than these are for you! Our Aerial fitness classes have been specifically designed to enhance your performance in every other class we offer.

Strength and Conditioning class

Aerialists have special conditioning needs. All that hanging, flipping and twisting around can wreak havoc on our bodies. Focusing on the areas that aerialists use the most, our professional instructors have designed exercises that target your major muscle groups as well as the tiny supporting muscles that are often neglected.  Special attention is given to the shoulders, back and core muscles. This class will not only help your flying but help you to create a toned and strong body.

Strength and Conditioning classes are open to all skill levels and ages.

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Contortion and Flexibility Class

There is a right and a wrong way to stretch and in this class we will teach you the safe and correct way for your body.  You will be learning and working on skills such as back bends, contortion, handstands, and splits. Using proper technique and form, we will safely build flexibility, active flexibility, and strength.

Flying trapeze and aerials demand not only strength but also flexibility.  Every trick you perform will be enhanced as your movements become more graceful and fluid.  Let us help you get that split, increase your back arch or even just touch your toes!  This class is a comprehensive flexibility program designed just for Aerialists. Looking to get more out of your time with us at FFA, This is the perfect warm-up before any other class we offer.

Flexibility classes are open to all skill levels and ages.

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