Flexibility Class Never thought of yourself as "bendy"? We can change that!

Are you looking make yourself more flexible? Do you want you moves and positions in your aerial classes to go from pretty to "wow!"?  Although stretching is something we can all do in the comfort of our own home, sometimes it's hard to make yourself keep at it.  Use this class as a warm-up to something else or as a stand alone, you won't be disappointed. 

Our Flexibility class is a 45min long full body stretch. We work on increasing flexibility in the legs, back and shoulders as well as building greater control over body movement with area isolation movements.

A typical class will include an aerobic warm-up, followed by  a bell curve of stretching intensity  ending with sustained holds in problem areas. Unlike most classes at a gym, we use all of our equipment to create a fun and exciting class that is like nothing you have ever experienced before.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now: $15 per person