Strength & Conditioning Make everything easier...Get stronger!

Aerial classes are a great workout but when you're struggling week after week and just not seeming to "get it", Increasing your strength out side of class could be just what you need.

Our strength and conditioning class is a 45min long full body workout. We will focus on the areas that aerialists need most. Our approach encompass elements from yoga, aerobics and Physical therapy techniques as well as traditional weight lifting training. We know the areas that flyers often injure due to lack of strength and focus on them to prevent injury and enhance performance.

A typical class will include an aerobic warm-up, body resistance strength building and weight training. Unlike most classes at a gym, we use all of our equipment to create a fun and exciting class that is like nothing you have ever experienced before.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now: $15 per person (non-member rate)