Flying Trapeze Learn to fly fearlessly and soar through the air with the greatest of ease!

This is our premiere & most popular class!  Learning to fly is more than a quick thrill, it is an opportunity to do more than you ever thought possible. Beginning in your first flying trapeze class, you will learn how to perform the same tricks you might see at the circus, and you may even perform a "catch" at the end of class!  Whether you are a complete novice or an accomplished gymnast, you will have a wonderful time in class.  No prior experience is necessary since our coaches are trained to work with all levels.  This is our flagship class, and Fearless Flyers Academy is famous for our flying trapeze experience and lessons.  Rest assured, you've never done anything like this before!

Our classes are 2 hours in length.  Anyone from kids, ages 6 and above, to their grandparents can participate!  Our friendly coaches will help you take that first step off the platform, even if the height scares you.  Each and every one of our students receive individual instruction and guidance.  Classes are well-structured and fun, students will follow a carefully thought-out progression of skills.  

What to Wear

We encourage you to dress in athletic attire, such as yoga clothing or exercise clothing.  T-shirts or tank tops are good; waists should be covered (so no cutoff tees).  Yoga pants, yoga capris, runner's tights, leggings, and compression pants are great for bottoms.  Sweat-pants are okay too as long as they are not extremely baggy.  It is best to wear pants that cover the back of your knees when you come to your first lesson.  Street pants, dress pants, blue-jeans, and khakis are discouraged since they could limit your movement.  Socks are highly recommended for flying trapeze.  It is also important to tie long hair in a ponytail, braid, or bun.  Please remove all jewelry including large hair clips as they can break (rings are OK if you cannot remove them).  For prescription eye-glasses, we recommend wearing a head-strap or glasses-strap.  Remember to bring bottled water or sports drink.   And one more thing, you definitely want to bring a CAMERA!  

*please remember we have a 200 lb weight limit.*

Safety is our number one priority and we can prove it:

  • Our FULL SIZE flying trapeze rig has a big, soft, safety net and all of our students wear safety harnesses.
  • Our safety record & history remains at 100%
  • ALL of our equipment is inspected daily by our specially trained engineer.
  • Staff members are CPR/First aid/AED certified.

So what are you waiting for?! Spaces are limited!

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I am not a daredevil. In fact, I'm afraid of heights. So, when my best friend surprised me by taking me to a flying trapeze class for my birthday, I was adamant that I wouldn't be able to do it.
I was wrong.
The friendly staff made me feel super safe, worked with me until I felt comfortable reaching out for the bar, and when I took that first swing, I knew I had found my new passion.

-Rachel Allyson