Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts The ONLY school teaching Jeet Kune Do concepts in Mystic/Groton area!

History of Jeet Kune Do

Bruce Lee is regarded as one of the most celebrated martial artist in modern history.  Known as the “Grandfather of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)”, he is considered by some to be the most well-rounded martial artist of his era due to his progressive philosophy and his method of training.  Lee was an outspoken opponent against “classical” styles of martial arts of that period, such as Karate, Wushu, and Tae Kwon Do.  He argued that although these classical styles have their place, they contain impractical flaws that may do more harm than good in terms of realistic self defense. Although he was initially trained in classical Gung Fu himself, through self-exploration and experimentation Lee began to gravitate towards modern combat sports such as boxing, European fencing, armed combat, Muay Thai, wrestling, and submission grappling to complement his Chinese Gung Fu.  And in 1967, Master Lee created a new philosophical system of hybrid martial arts that he termed Jeet Kune Do, sometimes abbreviated as JKD.  In Cantonese, this translates to: Way of the Intercepting Fist.  The philosophy and his new “style” encouraged the following:

  1.       Economy of motion
  2.       Directness & Simplicity
  3.       Efficiency
  4.       Fluidity
  5.       Adaptiveness & Exploration


Lee then used the medium of Hollywood and Cinema to help spread his philosophy and message to practitioners across the world.  Today, his original style of Jeet Kune Do has further evolved into three separate styles, with different schools and gyms focusing on different pieces:

  1.        1. Classical JKD (Wing Chun Trapping, Jun Fan Gung Fu, Chinese Kickboxing, Philosophy, etc.)
  2.        2. Modern JKD (Kali, Escrima, Filipino Martial arts, Weapons, Military, Situational Awareness, etc.)
  3.        3. Sport MMA (Boxing, Muay Thai, Clinch, Wrestling, BJJ, etc.)

Our academy focuses on all 3 areas.  


Class Footage

Check out our videos here:


Our Curriculum 

  • - JKD Hand Trapping
  • - Shaolin
  • - Chinese Kickboxing
  • - Weapon Defense & Offense
  •        o   edged weapons
  •        o   blunt weapons
  •        o   double weapons
  •        o   empty-hand defense & disarms
  •        0   flexible weapons
  • - Western Boxing
  • - Contemporary Street Defense
  • - Grappling & Shoot Wrestling


Ranking & Belts


Some modern Jeet Kune Do schools do not to give out any rankings whatsoever, believing that rank does not determine a person's true worth as a martial arts practitioner or athlete.  While other Jeet Kune Do schools award levels & certificates to students of their system.  In keeping with the Eastern tradition and eastern philosophy, we award colored belts ranging from White to Black (and beyond) and certificates.  Belts are awarded at the discretion of the Instructor; students are asked to refrain from asking when they can expect their next belt.  The average amount of time it takes to earn a black belt differs dramatically from person-to-person and is difficult to quantify or approximate.


Our Lineage

1. Bruce Lee (founder)  2. Dan Inosanto  3. Paul Vunak  4. Joe Maffei  5. George Carson  6. Don Dinh


Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts


We are the only martial arts school in South Eastern Connecticut which teaches Jeet Kune Do concepts.  Once you learn the fluid and expressive art of Jeet Kune Do, you will never look back.

We are located inside of Fearless Flyers Academy's beautiful and large facility.  Our bright training area is 100% matted all around.  Classes are gentle in nature and friendly.  Each student will progress his or her own comfortable pace.  You will receive personal attention and instruction from Sifu Don.  Currently, we are only accepting students who are Adults, and Teens who are 13 yrs or older.  Training is relaxed, but mentally challenging at the same time.  Welcome to our school!  If you have questions don't hesitate to email Sifu Don at

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Fall & Winter 2018 Class Schedule

Classes are 1-hr in length

Please email Don for the class schedule:


Class Fees

  • $100/month or $20/class (no contracts, pay as you go, stop anytime!)
  • Your 1st week is Free
  • Ages 13 - Adult
  • *Any participants under 18 must have a parent sign a waiver in-person
  • **Also, available for private lessons on certain days



  • Fearless Flyers Academy
  • 800 Flanders Rd, Mystic CT. 06355
  • Questions?: