What should I bring?

What should I bring to my lesson?

Because we are in a public park, we do not have changing rooms or rest-rooms on-site at the park, so try to arrive dressed and prepared.  We encourage you to dress in athletic attire, such as yoga clothing or exercise clothing.  T-shirts or tank tops are good; waists should be covered (so no cutoff tees).  Yoga pants, yoga capris, runner’s tights, leggings, and compression pants are great for bottoms.  Sweat-pants are okay too as long as they are not extremely baggy.  It is best to wear pants that cover the back of your knees when you come to your first lesson.  Street pants, dress pants, blue-jeans, and khakis are discouraged.  Socks are recommended for comfort, but totally not required.  It is also important to tie long hair in a ponytail, braid, or bun.  Please remove all jewelry including large hair clips as they can break (rings are OK if you cannot remove them).  For prescription eye-glasses, we recommend wearing a head-strap or glasses-strap.  Remember to bring bottled water or sports drink.   And if it’s hot outside, bring a towel.   And one more thing, you definitely want to bring a CAMERA!