How do I log in?

I am having trouble logging-in and registering for a course.  What can I do?

For returning students, remember that each year, you will need to re-create a Username, a Password, and sign the Release Waiver again (even if you did it last year).  Don't worry, it's EASY!  You can use the same exact ID and Password from last year if you want (unless the ID has already been taken for this year).

Each student must have their own username & separate email address in order to enroll in a course.  If you have 2 family members, each family member needs their own ID & email to sign-up.  If you have trouble signing-up or logging in, please email us and we will be happy to help!  We can even do it for you!  Our email address is info@FearlessFlyersAcademy.com