Prepare for your First Silks Lesson

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So you’ve signed up to take your very first aerial silks class……WONDERFUL! What can you expect in your first class? You can definitely expect the class to be FUN! 🙂 However, it’s still a good idea to be readily prepared for your first lesson. This article will explain how you can prepare and what you can expect at your first lesson, even if your first lesson is not with Fearless Flyers Academy. This article is for ANYONE who is interested in learning aerial silks!

In your first aerial silks class, you can expect to learn basic moves such as single foot-locks, front stag, backwards stag, and the balance pose. All of these maneuvers will be learnt near the floor, so you do not have to climb up high to begin learning silks. Once you are comfortable with the silks, eventually your coach may begin teaching you how to properly climb the silks. Don’t worry! Even if you’ve never been able to climb a rope in gym class, your coach will teach you the proper technique to do it! You see… climbing on silks is not like climbing up a rope in gym class. In silks, athletes and performers climb using their feet and legs, not their arms. So if you have proper technique in silks, then it doesn’t take that much strength at all! Your teacher will help you focus on learning the technique as opposed to pure strength. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll probably feel a little bit sore the next day, similar to how you feel after a nice workout! But you’ll feel like everything you learned is well within your limits and eventually you’ll be addicted to learning more advanced wraps and maneuvers!

For your first lesson, you’ll want to arrive early to meet your instructor, classmates, fill out any paper work, and stretch lightly. You’ll want to wear tights, leggings, or snug yoga pants. You don’t want your legs exposed to the fabric. Exposed feet and ankles are okay, it’s more the back of knees and hamstrings that we’re concerned about. You can wear shorts over your tights if it makes you more comfortable. For your top, you’ll want a snug t-shirt, tank top, or compression shirt. You just want to wear something comfortable for your top; it’s not as important as your tights or leggings. If you have long hair, try to braid it or keep it in a bun. Bring a bottled water or sports drink.

Try not to eat any large meals two hours prior to your lesson. It’s always a good idea to avoid eating a full-meal right before doing any type of physical activity. It’s okay to eat lighter snacks such as fruit, yogurt, trail mix, or granola bars before your lesson. It’s also good to have these snacks available to eat immediately after your lesson in case you are feeling low on energy. The day before your lesson, try not to exercise or do anything too strenuous. If you feel like exercising the day before, try not to do it too strenuously. We don’t want you to feel too sore before your fun lesson!

Okay, so you’ve taken for your first aerial silks lesson. Now what? Well, if you liked your lesson, and we’re sure that you did, sign-up for more lessons. Novices and beginners are advised to take a lesson once per week. But bi-monthly may also work if you are constrained on time. It may help you to review the moves that you learned in class my watching some video clips of other people practicing on Youtube, Vimeo, or Google. Many students also find it helpful to keep an aerial log-book and summary book at home. When you get home, you can write down how to do the different skills that you learned in class, the names of the moves, which tricks were the most fun, which tricks need the most practice, and your short-term and long-term goals. If you keep practicing and training, before long you could be putting together your very own professional routine!

Have fun and good luck. We’ll see you in the air!