How Safe is Flying Trapeze?

How safe is Flying Trapeze?

Flying Trapeze is one of the safHEP_9178 (Don's Edit)est sports!  In each flying class, students will wear safety-harnesses, even when they are climbing the ladder.  In addition, we also have a very large and super soft safety net.  Safety is our priority, and because of this, we have a 100% safety record.  Our equipment is checked and inspected daily by an engineer.

Historically, traditional circuses and entertainment acts try to hype up and exaggerate elements of danger in their shows and activities, in an to attempt to get audiences nervous and excited.  But the truth is, it is statistically safer than almost every other conventional sport, such as baseball, basketball, football, hockey, martial arts, and cheerleading!  Worldwide, few injuries have occurred from this sport.  Our coaches and instructors are trained professionals who are certified by USA Gymnastics, the governing body of gymnastics in the United States.  Our coaches are also CPR and First Aid certified by the American Red Cross.  We take the safety of our students, athletes, and staff very seriously!