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The Back Drop

When discussing the topic of “Trampolining for Flying Trapeze Artists”, the thing that must come to mind is the emphasis on the backdrop. Being an introductory skill does not exclude the backdrop from being the most important skill in regards to the trampoline for the Trapeze Artist. There seems to be a slightly odd and […]

Turn Around

  The Turn-around can be a difficult skill for a student to begin learning. There are a lot of steps to remember when first learning the skill. The student must take-off with the correct grip, the timing of the legs must be good, the flyer must remember to re-grip the bar, and then there is […]


Many flyers struggle to learn the Flexus. Reason being, it is likely to be the first trick that a student shall encounter that requires an open and a Twist at the same time. In all tricks prior, flyers generally learn to open for the catch, and then twist to their back. By itself, Opening is […]

Forward Under

The pre-requisite for learning a Forward Under is mastery of the Straight Jump. The forward under starts off very similarly to a straight jump. A strong swing coupled with a pronounced “Seven” will also aid in the process of learning this skill. Other skills like the shooting-star may be helpful. A common mistake in performing […]

Cutaway Half

Cutaway half is most likely the first trick students shall learn on the Trapeze involving a flip with any sort of twist. Before learning the cutaway half, the flyer should have very good cutaway with no twist. The cutaway-half begins just like the standard cutaway, in that the turn around, set, and break are similar. […]


A fun and unique trick that is rarely taught to students. The Tornaros, also known as “Kip Half-turn”, is slowly becoming more popular. It is named after a Ted Tornaros, a flyer who performed and popularized the trick. In order to perform the trick in Regular Time (Double Time), mastery of the Turn-around and Front-end […]

Forward Over

The Forward-Over is a beautiful and challenging trick. With a little understanding and a lot of practice this trick will soon become one of your favorites! This article will help to start you on your way.