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The Back Drop

When discussing the topic of “Trampolining for Flying Trapeze Artists”, the thing that must come to mind is the emphasis on the backdrop. Being an introductory skill does not exclude the backdrop from being the most important skill in regards to the trampoline for the Trapeze Artist. There seems to be a slightly odd and […]


The Corkscrew (or 1.5-twisting cradle) is a fun skill that looks more complex than it truly is. The Corkscrew one of the progressions towards learning a Rudi, because the Rudi also involves 1.5 twists. A Corkscrew can be thought of as an early-twisting cradle, combined with a Full-twisting airplane in the second part. The pre-requisites […]

Cat Twist

Cat Twist is an good skill in Trampolining to learn correct twisting technique. A cat-twist is a back-drop, proceeded with a full-twist into another back-drop. This fundamental maneuver is an important building block in progressing towards advanced flips with twists later on. Students who cannot perform consistent cat-twists on trampoline will have trouble learning the […]


Cradle is an iconic Trampoline maneuver. It is also a trick that is frequently performed by Flying Trapeze artists when rebounding in the net. Typically, a cradle is described as a Back Drop, followed by a quarter rotation forwards, and then a half-twist into another Back Drop. It’s a handy move for Trampolinist and Flyers […]