Preseason Special!

We can't wait to fly again..can you?

We are just itching to get back in the sky!  Spring is almost here and as they days get longer and the sun gets a little warmer our dreams of flying come almost every night.  So, we decided to offer those of you who are just as anxious as we are a SUPER deal....

2020 Season memberships!

Basic membership:  $800

  • Fly once a week ALL SEASON for free*
  • 5 Free guest passes to any class
  • Purchase additional Flying classes for 15% off
  • Additional 10% off any non-standard class (summer programming, parties, gift certificates etc...)
  • Free admission to our "almost" end of season party

Unlimited Membership:  $1,300

  • Fly in any class ALL SEASON for free*
  • Free admission to open fly times (bring a guest for 1 free swing)
  • 5 Free guest passes to any class
  • Purchase additional Flying classes for 20% off
  • Additional 15% off any non-standard class (summer programming, parties, gift certificates etc...)
  • Free admission to our "almost" end of season party

Add-ons available:

  • Unlimited Aerial classes  $500
  • Unlimited Fitness classes   $200
  • Add a Family Member 50% off

We will be open for over 27 weekends this year (and maybe more!).  

*included in your membership price

**Prices below reflect 50% deposit.  The remainder will be due on June 1st 2020



When can I purchase this?

This sale will only be available through May 3rd.  After that, membership is closed for the season. You will pay 50% now and the remaining 50% June 1st. 

Does my guest have to be a different person each time?

No!  Bring your best friend, your husband, wife, daughter.... Share your love of flying with whomever you want.  They also do not have to be new to Fearless Flyers.  You can bring anyone as long as they meet our safety, weight and age requirements. 

Can I use my discount to purchase gift certificates for the holidays?

Yes!  Just make sure you purchase them before we close for the season.  You can also use your discount to purchase a private event or party. 

Can I use my discount to purchase additional classes for other people?

No, that is what your guest passes are for.  You may use your discount to purchase a gift certificate for any other person, then they will need to register for the class using that certificate. In general, your discount can only be used for yourself.  (see summer programming exception below)

Can I use my discount to register my child for your summer program?

Yes, you can use your discount to register your children for our summer program.  You can not use to it register any children that are not legally yours. Your membership discount will stack on to any multiple children/multiple day discounts you may be eligible for. 

What does "free admission to open fly times mean"? 

With your unlimited flying membership you will received free swings during open fly times.  It truly is unlimited flying!  Come during any of our posted times and fly!  All you have to do is wait in line with everyone-else, should we be busy that day.  Do you have a friend that is unsure if they want to try the trapeze?  Bring them to an open fly time and they can try one swing for FREE.  

Tell me about the "almost end of season party".

Although the date and time is TBD.  We are planing this party for the end of August/ September.  That is why it's the "almost" end of season party, we'll keep flying as long as we can! We are planning a raffle, BBQ, and more! If you are a member, you will be allowed to bring your whole family to this event. 

Tell me about the class add-ons.

You can add an Unlimited Aerials upgrade or an Unlimited Fitness class upgrade to your membership.  Our Aerial classes are Silks, Static Trapeze and Lyra and we will be offering a number of fitness classes throughout the summer.  We are working on a stretching workshop as well as a summer fitness bootcamp. 

How many family members can I add to my membership for 50% off?

You can add up to 2 additional family members to your membership and you only have to pay 1/2 price for them.  They do not have to be the same level of membership as you and they can have different add-ons to their membership. 

What happens if I get sick/injured and I can't use my benefits?

You may transfer your membership to another person for $100.  They will not be able to change or modify the membership in anyway except to have their name on it instead of yours.  If you have family members as an add-on, they will keep their membership and benefits even with the transfer.  You may only transfer your membership once per season. 

What happens if I have to miss a class I registered for?

 We anticipate this will be a very busy season for us and we have a cancellation policy to try and get everyone into the classes that they want.  We understand that life can sometimes get in the way of flying so we allow you 2 "no show" or late cancellations per membership.   After that you will be charged $20 per class.  You will not be charged a fee if you are able to cancel your class with 24hrs notice.  

I already have a package of classes, can I somehow convert that to a membership?

We would be happy to apply the money you spent on the package of classes to your membership.  So... Say you purchased a 10 pack of classes for $400 during our black Friday Sale last year and haven't used any of the classes, we would be happy to apply that $400 towards your purchase of a membership.   If you used a few classes of the package, we would divide the purchase price of the package by the number of classes left and figure out your dollar amount remaining and then apply that towards the membership price. If you have more questions, just email us 🙂