Flying Trapeze FAQS Frequently Asked Questions for Flying Trapeze

Flying Trapeze FAQs

1.  What is your most popular activity?

Flying Trapeze is the most popular course.  Once you try it, you'll probably become addicted to it.  If you ever had dreams of becoming an Acrobat, this is the place for you.  Our other classes are fun also, so come give them a try!

2.  I have never done anything like this before!  I am a little it okay that I am a complete beginner?

Yes!  Actually, we specialize in teaching people from scratch!  Although it is great if you have former gymnastics-related experience, the fact is that most of our students have NEVER done ANYTHING similar to this in their life.  Each one of our coaches are very friendly and knowledgeable.  We will work with you individually, and we encourage everyone to progress at their own comfortable rate.  

3.  Is this indoors or outdoors?

We were formerly outdoors...but we've expanded & upgraded!  Any outdoor pictures that you see are from our earlier years.  Now, we are 100% indoors in a climate-controlled facility.  It's pretty amazing.  You're unlikely to find a Flying Trapeze, Aerials, or Acrobatic facility that compares to ours.  Our gym was built from scratch for the sole-purpose of providing you flying trapeze, acrobatic lessons, and entertainment!  We knew that you always had dreams of becoming an acrobat, that's why we're here...

4.  How safe is Flying Trapeze?

Flying Trapeze is one of the safest sports!  In each flying class, students will wear safety-harnesses, even while they are climbing the ladder.  In addition, we also have a very large and super soft safety net.  Safety is our priority, and because of this, we have a 100% safety record.  Our equipment is checked and inspected daily.

Historically, traditional circuses and entertainment acts try to hype up and exaggerate elements of danger in their shows and activities in an to attempt to get audiences nervous and excited.  But the truth is, it is statistically safer than almost every other conventional sport, such as baseball, basketball, football, hockey, martial arts, and cheerleading!  Worldwide, very few injuries have occurred from this sport.  Our coaches and instructors are trained professionals who are certified by USA Gymnastics, the governing body of gymnastics in the United States.  Our coaches are also CPR and First Aid certified by the American Red Cross.  We take the safety of our students, athletes, and staff very seriously!  

5.  What is the weight limit, age limit, and height restrictions?

Our age limits are 6 - 150 years old!  For flying trapeze, we have a strict 200 pound weight limit.  There are no height restrictions.  Just like any sport, if you have any pre-existing medical concerns, please obtain a doctor’s approval prior to participating in our activities.  If you have a previous history of shoulder related injury or pain, you must contact your physician before attempting Flying Trapeze.  You may not participate if you are pregnant or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  For safety reasons, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


6.  What should I bring to the lesson?

We encourage you to dress in athletic attire, like workout clothing and yoga clothing.  T-shirts or tank tops are good; but waists should be covered so no crop tops.  Yoga pants, yoga capris, runner’s tights, leggings, and compression pants are great for bottoms.  Sweatpants are fine as long as they are not too loose or extremely baggy.  It is best to wear pants that cover the back of your knees when you come to your first flying trapeze lesson.  Street pants, dress pants, blue-jeans, and khakis are discouraged.  For flying trapeze, socks are highly encouraged & strongly recommended.  We have plenty of changing rooms and restrooms at our facility.

It is also important to tie any long hair in a ponytail, braid, or bun.  Please remove all jewelry including large hair clips as they can break (rings are OK if you cannot remove them, but it's better if you can).  For prescription eye-glasses, we recommend wearing a head-strap or glasses-strap.  And one more thing, you definitely want to bring a CAMERA!  🙂

7.  This looks like it's for children....

Actually, the majority of our students are ADULTS!  Around 60% of our participants are adults, and 40% are kids & teenagers.  This is a rewarding and fun activity for all ages and genders.  We do host birthday parties and field trips for kids, but we also host a lot of bachelorette parties, corporate events, family reunions, and graduation parties.

8.  Will I be able to learn a back-flip?!

That's why we're here!  Eventually we can teach you do a double or a triple, plus add in some twists, but it takes lots of time to learn more advanced moves.  Everyone learns at their own rate, some people are slower at this, and some people are faster.

9.   Do you take Walk-ins for Flying Trapeze? 

No, reservations are required for Flying Trapeze classes.  Reservations are easy, just follow this link to pick a class and reserve your spot today!:  Class Calendar


10.  Is the Flying Trapeze lesson always 2-hours?

No.  Normally, Flying Trapeze lessons are 2-hours, with a maximum capacity of ten students.  However, if there are fewer students in a class, then we reserve the right to run a shorter lesson.  If there are very few students enrolled, then you can expect the lesson to run between 60 - 90 minutes long, instead of the full 2 hours.  (The exact length of the class depends on the exact number of students enrolled, and also how tired the students are.)

11.  What if I am the only person signed-up for class? 

If there is only 1 student enrolled in the Flying Trapeze lesson, then we reserve the right to do a much shorter lesson or to cancel the class and offer you the chance to reschedule your lesson.  If there are less than 5 people, you can expect the lesson to be between 60 - 90 minutes instead of the full 2 hours.  Aerial Fabrics, Aerial Statics lessons, and Trampoline lessons will not cancel and will always be around 45 minutes even if there is only 1 student enrolled.

12.  Does Flying Trapeze take a lot of strength?  I'm afraid that I don't have enough upper-body strength to hold onto the bar...

Surprisingly, flying trapeze takes very little upper-body strength.  It doesn't require a lot of strength to hold on.  It just requires listening to our simple instructions.  If you follow our directions, you'll quickly see that strength plays a very small role.  It's all about TIMING actually!  We'll teach you to move at the right time, so that things feel effortless.  Don't believe us?  We regularly have 6 year old kids on our trapeze all the time!  And we've even had a 78 year-old in our class before!  They all LOVE it!

13.  How are the classes split up?  Do you have any classes just for kids?  How about just for adults?

All of our classes are mixed levels and mixed ages.  Classes are open to both beginners and advanced students; you will be working on moves at your own skill level and comfort level.  Typically, there is a mix of adults & kids in the same class.  As students progress in their acrobatic career, kids are taught a different set of moves than the adults, but sometimes there can be some overlap.  In the evening, we tend to get mostly adults and fewer kids, and vise-versa.  But regardless, anyone is welcome to join ANY class!!  If you prefer to be in a class all to yourself instead of a group lesson, please feel free to book a Private Lesson with us.  Send us an email at to schedule your Private Lesson.


14.  I want to get REALLY REALLY good!  How often should I come?

Most teachers agree that it really depends on the individual.  Some people are faster learns, and some people are slower learners, both are OKAY.  If you stick with any sport long enough, then you will eventually get good.  It's a proven fact.

Typically, we suggest coming once per week, or if you can't, then once every other week at least.  Obviously, the more you practice the better you get, but it also depends on your schedule of availability.  A few of our students have even turned PRO and they went on to do big things in the performance world, but that requires a high level of time & commitment to attain that level of skill.  At the end of the day, we encourage you to come to class as often as you want.  It is entirely up to you!

15.  What are the benefits of practicing Flying Trapeze and Aerials Arts regularly?

If you or your kids participate in athletic sports or other movement arts, then the benefits of training in Flying Trapeze or Aerial Arts are enormous.  Whether you're an athlete or not, training in acrobatics improves your strength, flexibility, balance, body coordination, rhythm, endurance, proprioception, artistry, and listening skills.  And it's a lot more fun than going to the Gym.

Are you a current (or former) gymnast, dancer, spring-board diver, tumbler, cheerleader, yogi, or martial artist?  For these folks, Flying Trapeze & Aerials Arts is the ideal activity of choice when cross-training in a related sport.  Our classes keep you in shape all year-round and it can also give you a competitive edge.

Learning flying trapeze & aerial arts also increases your confidence, will power, and self-assurance.  We've had students tell us that trapeze helped them conquer their fear of public speaking!  They rationalize that becoming a Flying Trapeze artist is much harder than doing a public speech, and that gives them more confidence for the task at hand.  So you see, the benefits of learning acrobatics are numerous!

16.  Can I wear shoes?  Can I bring food & snacks?

NO SHOES inside the training area!  In fact, even spectators who want to enter the training must take off their shoes as well.  This keeps our mats clean & our floors sanitary.  If there are spectators who don't want to take off their shoes, they can watch from the 2nd floor viewing area.

NO FOOD OR SNACK is allowed inside the training area!  No soda, juice, Gatorade, or flavored beverages either!  Please consume these inside the viewing area or party room.  Only water is allowed inside the training area.

17.  I have a few more questions.  How can I contact you?

We'd love to answer all of your questions!  Please send us an email at . We typically respond within 48 hours.