Trampoline FAQs Frequently Asked Questions for Trampolining

1. Isn't Trampoline just bouncing up & down? What are trampoline classes?

And anyone can learn it, young or old. It is a great way to exercise and stay in shape too. Compared to other acrobatic disciplines that you might have seen, it is much more forgiving on the body so it can be learnt at any age.

2. Is Trampoline safe?

Safety is our number one priority. Fearless Flyers Academy is considered a Gymnastics training school. And as such, we pride ourselves in our stellar safety record and professionalism.

3. Is it okay that I am a complete beginner?

Although it is great if you have former gymnastics-related experience, the fact is that most of our students have never done anything similar to this. Each one of our coaches are very friendly and knowledgeable. We will work with you individually, and we encourage everyone to progress at their own comfortable rate.

4. What should I bring?

Socks!  Socks are required on our trampolines for sanitation reasons, as well as for your own comfort.  Beginners should try to wear long sleeve shirts (no exposed elbows).  If you have long hair, please tie it back.  And please remove as much jewelry as possible before your lesson.  For prescription eye-glasses, we recommend wearing a head-strap or glasses-strap.  You will also want to bring a bottle of water, please no juice or soda in the gym!

5. How many students are in a trampoline class?

Maximum of 4 students only.

6. Can I just walk-in/drop-in? Do I need to register online?

Please register and pay for classes through our website and calendar.

7. What makes this different than a Trampoline Park?

We are very different than a typical trampoline park. Trampoline Parks can be dangerous, wild, and chaotic. No experience is required; we specialize in teaching students from scratch, regardless of their age or ability.

8. I'm a former gymnast/cheerleader. I already know how to do flips, walk-overs, handsprings, aerials, etc. Do I really need to start from scratch?

Each student learns at their own comfortable rate, so if you have some previous experience, you might learn some of the beginning skills more quickly.

9. I'm a current gymnast, diver, tumbler, trapeze artist, martial artist, dancer, etc. Should I take trampoline classes?

YES! 100% Absolutely. Trampoline is the best way to cross-train for these other disciplines.

10. Are there weight limits for Trampoline Class?  Are there any other restrictions?

NO, there are no weight limits for trampoline! All of our other classes have weight limits of 200 lbs.  However, trampoline is the only activity without any weight restriction.  Just like any sport, if you have any pre-existing medical concerns, please obtain a doctor’s approval prior to participating in our activities.  If you have a previous history of knee, ankle, foot, or spine related injury or pain, you must contact your physician before attempting trampoline.  You may not participate if you are pregnant or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  For safety reasons, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

11. I have a few more trampoline related questions:

We'd love to answer all of your questions! Please send us an email at .  We typically respond within 48 hours.