Ally Altman is from Epping, NH. Growing up, her father was a trampolinist and Acrobatic performer while her older sister was a Level-10 gymnastics competitor. As such, Ally was disciplined in gymnastics and trampoline from an early age. Ally’s acrobatic background led her to easily transition into the sport of flying trapeze. She has studied under legendary Trapeze Flyers such as Peter Gold, Tito Gaona, and Tony Steele. She has also trained under coach Bill Young, owner and operator of The Trampoline Place. In 2006, Ally moved to Massachusetts after she was contracted to manage and expand a Flying Trapeze and Aerial Silks program at TSNY Beantown, which she did successfully for many years.  She is certified as a professional coach of USA Gymnasticsthe sole-governing body of gymnastics in the United States, and is a judge at USA Gymnastic sanctioned events. Furthermore, Ally is a licensed teacher for grades k-12. This complete background in child and adult education lends to her ability to coach many different types of ages. She has also worked alongside national gymnastic champions, Olympians, Cirque du Soleil performers, and Ringling Brothers acrobats.