Olivia is our lead hoop instructor. She teaches various tricks and transitions. She can help choreograph a routine, or help you cultivate and discover your own, unique flow.The different styles of hooping that she teaches are on body hooping, off body, mini hoops, double hoops and incorperating different props together.

Olivia also has a variety of other skills to offer. Aside from hoops there is also poi, the balance board (indo board/rola bola), object manipulation, juggling and how to balance most props on different body parts including but not limited to the face and hands!

She has taught workshops at the EPIC Spin Jams and Inspire Flow Retreat in Rhode Island and the Wildfire Spinning Arts Retreat in Ashford C.T. She's been spinning poi since 2013, started taking hoop lessons in 2014 and has been juggling and using the balance board in conjunction with these props since 2015. Olivia and Adam have been practicing partner poi, partner acrobatics, and partner juggling together since 2016 and enjoy teaching others as well!