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Trampoline Gymnastics is an Olympic Sport.  And unlike the dangerous trampoline parks recently opening across the country, we are an acrobatic Academy that teaches students the proper technique & skills!  Some of our students compete in gymnastics & trampoline sanctioned competitions.  Our lessons are always structured in a fun yet safe way.  No experience is required.  Ages 6 to Adult.  Maybe you have what it takes to become the next U.S. Olympian!

Fearless Flyers Academy has USA Gymnastics certified coaches and top of the line Olympic trampolines.  Here at Fearless Flyers Academy, we teach competitive Trampoline Gymnastics, as well as cross training for other acrobatic disciplines such as: Cheerleading, Springboard Diving, Flying Trapeze, Gymnastics, and Tumbling.  Whatever your discipline, our classes can help you improve!





We have safety-harness systems for learning flips & twists in a safe and correct method.  Our training center also has crash mats, frame pads, and end-decks, which are absent from most trampoline parks.

It's important to wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in.  Socks are required and it is recommended that all students stretch prior to class.  Beginners should wear long sleeve shirts.  Remove all earrings, bracelets, lip-piercings, and belly-button rings.  Tie any long hair into a pony tail, braid, or bun.  Bring bottled water to stay hydrated.

*NEW* Beginner Trampoline Classes on Sundays!!! 

Kids (6+) & Adults.  This class will focus on all of the fundamentals of trampolining and is appropriate for people with less than 3 months of trampoline experience.   Each class ends with back flip and front flip training in our safety belt.  If you can't make it to the Beginner class, you can still come to our regular classes.  


$30 per person (All Levels Classes) - non member rate

$15 per person (Beginner Classes) - non member rate

***Monthly Members receive unlimited FREE Trampoline classes***

  • We have 5 USA Trampoline & Tumbling Judges on-staff.
  • We have a 3 Superior Level ranked judges on-staff.
  • Staff members are CPR/First aid/AED certified.
  • Instructors are USA Gymnastics Certified professionals.



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Trampoline is so much fun! I love that I can get in a great workout and improve my aerial skills all in the same class!  Oh, yeah, and did I mention how much fun it is? 🙂

-Maggie Wynn